Per fare gli onori di casa al Premio Italia, abbiamo invitato un testimonial d'eccezione...

Il M°Kledy Kadiu nei giorni 1 e 2 maggio terrà 4 Master per i partecipanti al Premio Italia

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An award to gratify and support the talent, during a difficult historic moment, in which our children need to believe in themselves and get to know others like them, different, important. The “Premio Italia” firstly aims to become a journey inside the world of Associations, schools, course; we want to manage to visit the best italian schools, thanks to the sponsorship of each single Region and CONI, covering the whole national area, in a live YouTube recording that the International Dance Council Commitee will follow, to tell about the cities and the sacrifices of many instructos, who grow up our children, from the youngest to the oldest ones, encouraged by their own passion.

Comune di San Benedetto del Tronto

For each region we will visit the Associations and singing, dance and musical schools, which our Partners, Regional Committees, Istitutions will point us out; from each selection phase we will create a live recording on our websites, visible all over the world, thanx to the Internet.
A school or Association from each region, chosen for the following disciplines, will take part into the final in San Benedetto del Tronto:
1-    Classic Dance
2-    Modern Dance
3-    Contemporary
4-    Hip Hop
5-    Folk
6-    Musical
7-    Singing
That means, that we will be able to have 7 schools for each Region, or a single school, which for that region competes in all categories.
Moreover other delegations from abroad will come and confront themselves with the italian participants.

Official Rules Premio Italia 2021




Art Director CID Member
M°Ekaterina Chernousovacantante, pianista, compositore presso Unione dei compositori di Mosca, Solista presso Orchestra presidenziale della Russia
Armando Gukasian President presso World Association of Performing Arts Armenia President of Yerevan Section of CID Unesco Armenia
Ms.Charanya Gurusatya
- Artistic Director - Member CID Unesco - Bharatanatyam - Indian Classical Dance - India
M°Marcela Zia
President of Piracicaba Section,CID
Professional Ballet Dancer and Ballet Teacher. Brasile
M°Malal Ndiaye director of Bakalama dance school.Director of the dace and music festival Thionck Essyl - Senegal
M°Saab Singh
Director at Sanjh International Folk Academy
- India
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Fase di qualificazione Nazionale 9/10/11 Aprile 2021

Evento inserito nel calendario delle attivita' sportive nazionali con 

Prot. N° 165/20 del 28/10/2020

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